The company NATURAL COTTON COLOR, created in 1995, under the name Francisca Vieira and dealt with street wear fashion. Since 2001 the company started to produce collections with the use of local handicrafts in their creations and participate in national fashion fairs like FENIT.

In 2005, the company completely abandoned street wear and began to work only with the natural color cotton that was developed by EMBRAPA, becoming an ecological and sustainable fashion advocate.

In 2007 the company participated for the first time of the prestigious Prêt a Porter, in Paris, in the SO ETHIC special trade show, where the company showed its collections until 2011, when the show was sold to the group “Who's Next that excluded the show from their new design of the fair. NATURAL COTTON COLOR also participated of the new fair, but had no concrete results, as customers from SO ETHIC did not embrace the changes.

The brand participated in other fashion shows, such as PURE London, SIMM Madrid, Project in Las Vegas, Ethical Fashion Show in Berlin, Première Vision in Paris, until it reached the organic products fairs, such as Biofach, in Nuremberg and Tokyo and Expo West, in California, where it got its first international representative, Tentation Bio company,

Today the company sells to more than ten countries, including Japan, USA, Canada, Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, and is now beginning to work with the Scandinavian countries and Australia.

In Brazil, the brand has participated in shows such as Fashion House and the business show of São Paulo Fashion Week, participated of the Rio a Porter show in Fashion Rio, and was one of the highlights in the line up show of the Rio Fashion Hipe where it paraded twice in 2011.

From September 2015 the company entered the domestic and international e-commerce with NCCecbrands, and already in full operation.

The brand also created its own news blog, the to better publicize their work and also other related works, such as the slow fashion trend among others.

In 2016 it will be in the Maison d'Excepción as the first Brazilian brand to be selected by the demanding curators of that show to exhibit their innovations through local crafts. We intend to participate in the Expo West, in California; Maison & Objet, in Paris and the Côte Sud Vivre show in Saint Tropez.