The group Natural Cotton Color, works exclusively with fashion products made from cotton that is naturally colored. Our product is developed and has the support of the Brazilian Agro company – EMBRAPA, who developed the type of naturally colored seed, which exclude the need to use chemical dyes, hence saving 70% of water which would be used in the conventional production of cotton and jersey.

With the launch the this natural colored cotton, the Natural Cotton Color group created and designed a feminine, masculine, children and accessories collection with a modern style with an exotic twist. The collection utilizes accessories and needlework produced by local artisans but with a sophisticated edge.

Our clients are those that love fashion but care for the environment. Environmental concern is also our aim, not only Natural Colored Cotton group uses products that are environmentally sound; they also consider their sustainability by supporting local poor artisans from the Northeast area of Brazil. We also use the work of local inmates, liaising with the prisons to decrease the workers sentences; for every three days worked the sentence is reduced by one day.

The cotton is also grown on small farms to support the local agriculture and to fight the monoculture of low value products such as the tobacco. Because this cotton product is pest resistant there no need to use pesticides but when needed only products that are kind to the environment are used and only when absolutely necessary. This helps the farmers to save their crops and to provide the financial support so needed as it is their only source of income.

We have two types of tissue, one of than is made with cotton that comes already colored, I mean it is born like that. Another one is made by dyed cotton. Dyed with natural products such as leaves of mango tree, roots of trees like mango, trees bark, onion bark, spices in general, etc. In both cases we do not use chemicals. This tissue that is made by naturally colored cotton we do have certification, IBD certification, as an Organic material.